Beautiful Harmony

美しいもの、センスいいことが好き | 東京生まれ | 北米16年 | 🇯🇵🇬🇧bilingual | ときどき宇宙通訳(チャネリング)& 星読み係 ❤︎このブログを読まれた方には 高次元の愛の周波数 「櫻色エネルギー」が流れる設定になっています。 「そのエネルギーを受け取る」と心の中で思っていただくだけで、 受け取っていただけます。

Many, many thanks to Semperviva Yoga Vancouver



My favourite yoga studio Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver

permanently shut down the other day.

I was truly sad to hear the news.


When I started yoga almost 15 years ago,

I fell in love with Semperviva, which basically raised me in Vancouver!




I always wanted to thank the wonderful teachers and staff,

but at the time I was a bit shy.


After returning to Japan in 2014, I thought I would

go back and talk to them someday.

My only regret is that someday never came.

There are countless memories, but to mention the top two ...

First, it’s the flow-yoga class I took shortly after

the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011,

when I was paralyzed by shock.


I went to Semperviva for the first time in a several days,

to find a donation box for for Japan at the reception.

Putting in my money, I saw the instructor

watching me from the back of the room.


In the middle of the class he said, "That posture is pretty painful, isn’t it??

But I want you to remember...Chances are your neighbor is feeling

the same pain and we all share it. You are not alone."

Maybe he mentioned the earthquake. Maybe not.

Anyway he helped my heart open up and that day,

giving me permission to feel the fear. I gradually regained myself. 


The second is the “40-Day Challenge” where participants committed

to take one class a day for 40 consecutive days.

At that time, we had the biggest snow in several decades.

Still every day I would leave home before dawn and walked

15 minutes in the knee deep snow to the studio!



The owner Gloria congratulated the class on the 40th day.

”I don't know why each of you decided on the challenge,

but it's really amazing you have done it...So proud of you."

The guy next to me was tearful. I hugged myself.

I finally knew the true meaning of “self-confidence”...


I can't believe the four cute studios are not there anymore.

But Semperviva will stay in my heart. I will carry on the spirit Semperviva has taught me: sharing, understanding,laughing,

committing, believing, being in the moment, and loving each other.


Many thanks to Semperviva! Till we meet again!